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Entry #2


2010-01-05 07:29:59 by PenisClown

Using the word "faggot" multiple times in a single post. As your previous ban was for the same thing, and you obviously struggle with the concept of abiding by the rules, you get 10 days this time. Ban length will continue to double each you continue to ignore these warnings. ~NEVR



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2010-01-05 10:34:08

i like your user icon actually


2010-02-25 21:46:01

NEVR was always a cunthat.


2010-10-13 01:47:48

I like how he's right...


2010-11-01 00:08:52

That is the hardest rule to follow here. I took it pretty badly when that was outlawed and it took a few bans to let me know it wasn't going away. It still slips sometimes but usually I catch them while typing.